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  • You are welcome to the ours " FAQ " page ! The our's wish is to respond to yours all asks , as you understand the whole advantages you wich get after have registrated your sites on the https://celebri.org Advertise Portal.

  • 1. Question : What must I do to registrate my site on the : https://www.celebri.org Advertise Portal. ?

  • Answer : Please do the connection through any number of the phones displayed on the "Contact" page or through e-mail .

  • 2. Question : What costs involve to registrate a site on the https://www.celebri.org Portal ?

  • Answer : The registrate of a site on the https://www.celebri.org Information Portal is totally free and has no costs.
  • 3. Question : If I wish to registrate more sites,I must pay something ?

  • Answer : You may registrate as many sites you wish without any payment, you just may to choose the position into one field if it is empty .
  • 4. Question: What advantage will have if I registrate my site on the https://celebri.org Information Portal ?

  • Answer: The great advantage wich you will discover is that You, the user, have posibility to found inimaginable ,easy and quickly, informations you need but you haven't into your mind at the navigation moment .
  • Another great advantage is that your site will be discovered absolutely random , due to the fields organization on Interface with the user, so exponentialy growing up the accesibility of your site .
  • The last but the greatest advantage will be that you will interconnect free with countless users.
  • Another advantages you will self discover .
  • We are connected all the time , just for you !
  • Good luck !

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